Sandals Church is always getting in trouble. Not by the world be it. But by other Christians. We make people uncomfortable. To tell you the truth we make me uncomfortable. Some women in our church have started a new ministry called jc’s girls. We as a pastoral staff 100 percent back their vision. The visionary of the team is an ex-stripper. She has a heart of evangelism. She is steering this ministry into the depths of the porn industry…Sounds pretty familiar I know. But here is the beauty.
For the women.
There are women on a daily basis selling their bodies in films, on poles, and in hotel rooms. JC’s Girls are in the strip clubs every other week or so. My wife in on the leadership team. To hear her tell me about walking into a strip club and asking a girl for a lapdance only to give her the 20 dollars and tell her she does not really want a dance. She just wants 5 minutes to tell her of a hope and grace that is waiting for her outside the doors of this club. That Jesus Christ sees more than this for her. And that we have a church where she is welcome to come as she is. Then to pray with her on a sofa in front of all the other strippers. Yea. That blows my mind. This ministry is going to bring some heat. It already has. But I see God in front and behind them. And the prayers of the saints surrounding them. God Bless them.
This January they are going to the National Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas. I am really nervous about my wife in that environment. But she is a pistol just like Seanna. Me and another of the husbands will be on the golf courses if they need us. 🙂 But seriously. Pray for these women. And the woman they meet.
Tonight on “A Current Affair”, jcsgirls.com will be a feature story. I have no idea how they will be portrayed. But the exposure will bring an assault unlike any my wife has ever felt. So pray for us as we venture into this world that controls 70 percent of the media sold in this country. And pray that the women they reach find hope in our Saviour.
JC’s Girls
Watch A Current Affair tonight. Be proud. Be praying.
Thanks Ragamuffin’s,
Ps. Let’s talk tomorrow on how the segment went.