Stupid_white_rapperIt’s 2:09 am. That’s 5:09 am for you east side ragamuffins. My buddy Campbell is helping out tonight. It is actually nice to have an engineer in the chair so you can just focus on playing. I am feeling the squeeze. It is going to be a tight one. I went home for a few hours to tickle my kids and hug on my wife. Seanna farts ALL the time. When she does she just laughs and laughs. Then she asks me to fart. I must admit there was a time in my life I could just pull one out on command but age has gotten to me and I have passed my skills to my daughters. I’m proud.

Earlier today I was doing voiceovers in my office for some videos we are putting out and I needed a break. So Justin aka J-Rocka came in and made me laugh hard. Really hard. He is our media guy. He is a stud. He is also a closet rapper. I threw down a beat, some organ, and he took it and flowed. The white boy busted out a freestlyle on the mic that L.L. would be envious of. He really made my day. Thanks J-Rocka. Ladies and Gents, especially the ladies…The one and only J-Rocka FLOW

P.S. Give him props for what you heard at This Time Imperfect