Every once in a while we need a reminder. Reminder of what? Well a few things.
1. A reminder of how UNTOUCHABLE some peoples God given talents are. They don’t even have to know they are God given.
2. A reminder of what real music really is.
3. A reminder of how untalented we really are.
4. A reminder that there is no such thing as “Christian” music or “Secular” music. I will spare you my soapbox for a later post. Great music is Great music. And this man is living proof of all these reminders.
Wynton Marsalis4215392714
He’s one of those guys that everyone has seen before. On the store shelf, on some late night show, somewhere, somehow. But honestly most have never spent 2 minutes listening to his chops, much less watching him live.
Today I watched him and 3 of the best musicians in the world dominate a stage in such a way that it brought even the geekiest of geeks at the iPod News Announcement to clap. These guys who attend this invatation only event are not what you would call Musical Students. But what they saw baffled even them. Wynton actually did the impossable. He outdid the iPod.
Watch it here. Skip to about the 1 hour 4 minute mark. It is only on quicktime so download it and watch it. Trust me.