Picture_1_1Very big HT to my friend James over at the Advancing Blog.
This made me laugh out loud in a Starbucks while sitting alone in the corner staring at my computer screen. I laughed out loud, alone, in a very high pitch for about 4 minutes. I think any of us who have been involved with music lessons in any way shape or form will flash back to childhood when we see this. Also, if you ever spent a late night in the early 1990’s suffering with insomnia you ran across many Public Television shows like this one. God Bless Mrs. Unsicker for filming this show and giving me something else to come back to when I need a break from life. Remember. This is ALL REAL. Click HERE to go the the website. Or start off here to watch the most glorious version of Christ the Lord is Risen Today and Amore you have ever seen.
God I love the internet,
Oh…And accept my apologies for the files being Windows Media files. It is a early 90’s show though. It fits rather ironically.