Words7:00, sleep, Sohaila. 7:01, “Blanket Please!!!”, roll eyes. Sleep, finger in ear, sleep, light, alarm, lighter, snooze, sleep, “Cartoons please”, no, sleep, cold feet, little feet, can’t sleep, stumble, pee, splash water, “Daddy!!!”, shhhh!!!, “Cartoons”, Dora, Kiss, Suburban, Loud, Music, Awake, 7:15, office, why?, me?, awake?, hate job, mad, heavy amps, my office, heavy amps, my suburban, drive, pray, exit, walk, smile, fake it, enter, big gym, happy setup crew, smile more, unload, 7:30, mad, world, early, on knees, plug in, everything, power, none, sound guy, please?, power, please?, ok, tune, phone, ring, “sick”, of’course, me too, I’M HERE!!!, get paid, oh yea, my job, mad, hate job, sound check, too long, forget parts, remember, nice harmonies, nice beats, happier, Electric, loud, happier, Becca, sing it girl, happier, love job, love church, pee, 8:55, pray, “jam for the lamb”, rock the flock”, “sheer the deer”, any new phrases?, no, “slaughter the daughter”, irreverent, your fired, walk stage, smile, happy, family, welcome, hit it, focus, God, wow, amazed, Your Grace is Enough, Majesty, Make a Joyful Noise, cool crowd, drum and bass, clap yo hands, make cool people clap, now were talking, end big, Matt, preach it, My Drink, My Glorious, old school, new song, Majesty, Sing church, yes!!!, singing new song, offering, new song, still singing, TJ, “Have fun?” “Good Week”, Bye, Coffee, 11:00, Do it again…
My morning in words,
God is good, Listen to the podcast.