Podcastlogo12Should you have to pay for a sermon Podcast? What do you think? I had a very interesting discussion today about it. There were good points for both sides. Although I still believe it should be free. I think that is the whole point. But some believe that if you have to pay 3 dollars for a CD of a sermon at the end of a service you should have to pay for a Podcast online. What do you guys think? Would you pay to listen to God’s Word? Let’s discuss. Someone tried to tell me that if I think a sermon should be free then I should give away my music CD’s for free. Interesting point for about 3 seconds. Until I realized that I spent 6 months working on an hour long album. Not 10 hours for a 30 minute sermon. Next thing you know we will be charging a cover charge to get into the coolest churches. I don’t know. So for a sermon.
1. Would you pay?
2. Should you pay?
What do you think?