I need help from fellow Ragamuffins.
My first album “Authenticity” used this photo Be085582as the cover art. It is a photo of orphans in NYC praying before bed. It worked well. Here is the final cover art front and back…
So I thought about keeping with the same “Ragamuffin” idea for the Christmas Album. Some have other ideas. Here are the ideas being tossed around so far.
1. Keep Ragamuffin orphan idea.
2. Typical snow scape idea.
3. Barefoot Christmas. Feet in “Sandals” in the snow. Keeping with the Church name.
Maybe the idea is not even there yet. Some orphan images I found that might work follow…
So I thought bringing this to my creative blogging friends and readers would help narrow my choice or create new ones. COMMENT PLEASE. I trust people around my office but some opinions might be a bit jaded. It is good to hear from people outside my first circle. Email your friends this link…


…as well to hit up this post and throw in their 2 cents. Thanks guys. I appreciate it.