So tonight around 11ish we finally finished. We end the disc with Sarah D pulling what is left of your hearts strings with a soulful duet of “O Come O Come Emmanuel”.
We left Big Bear Saturday around noon after almost 3 days of non stop recording. We finished every morning around 5 am. My body was constantly reminding me that I am a father of 2 and not a 20 year old rock star. I thought I was going to pass out all 3 services on Sunday. Steve, my engineer and major production director showed up on Sunday. He basically volunteered his time to the project. He is the full time sound and audio engineer on “The Family Guy”. He is a stud. He also composed and tracked all the music for the Disney 50th Anniversary Fireworks show at Disneyland this summer. Way beyond my league. But I have made a good friend out of it. Chris also basically produced the whole gig. He is a great friend I owe him at least 500 hours of slave work after all the times he has saved me. Sarah D freakin whales. Rob did himself proud. And I constantly find ways to surround myself with people much more talented than I. Once again I am proud. I am proud of this project that appeared out of nowhere. I am proud of my wife who constantly supports me in all of my random endeavors. She is better than your wife. I promise.
I have not blogged in almost 5 days and my thoughts are too backlogged to post. I will try to space them out as they come. But for now. Here are some more shots of the studio cabin in Big Bear.