Eyes2There are times when you feel as if life is sprinting faster than you can run. The only problem is that you are attached to this thing called life. And it is attached to you. So in a vein attempt to keep up you dive hoping to catch a handful of life to hang on to. Problem is that if you miss you still keep going, only you are no longer running. You are now being dragged. I am running right now. But my pace is tiring. It is slowing. But the speed at which I have arranged this ride called life is not slowing down. This morning as I was trying to figure out how to have the album mixed, mastered, designed, printed, packaged, and delivered by November 30th I just stopped. Stopped thinking. Stopped running. Stopped trying to keep up with life. I gave in to get dragged. And although life kept going, I actually felt as if life would slow down a bit for me. Like life actually cared about the body it runs with. And it did. It stopped with me for a break. What do you do when you decide to stop and are surprised by life stopping with you? Well you get your worship on. So I shut my office door. Placed the phone on Do Not Disturb. Popped in Mr. Franklin’s DVD. And felt a Rebirth.
I don’t care what kind of music you like or dislike. There are somethings that just are annointed. And this entire evening of Worship was. Kirk Franklin’s Rebirth is AMAZING. I had an hour of worship that I have not recently had. There is something about just being and not leading. Although I had to go to a DVD to get it I got it. And when it was over, I opened my door and started running again. Although Kirk will never read this. Thank You for this morning. I needed it. And since I do not want to leave you ragamuffins without a taste of what I needed, here you go. Click it. Watch it. Then share your thoughts.
P.S. It’s about 10 MB so chill a moment…