It’s 5 till 11 on Thanksgiving evening. It has been a hell of a vacation. I currently am running a 103 degree temperature. I have slept for 2 straight days. I got screwed over by my production house. I therefore had to screw over some closest to me. I have found some friends are closer to me than I imagined. I have found some friends who are a bit farther away than I thought. I have found that the definition of friendship is only as good as the one who defines it. I ate only a small plate of food tonight. I am in one of the most beautiful places I rarely make it to and a queen size water bed has been my home. My kids are dying for me to play with them but the pressure of the past month has decided to settle upon my shoulders this week. I have seen people decide to tee off on Carlos Whittaker because they want to “help Carlos grow”. I have seen some people catch Carlos Whittaker because they want to “help Carlos grow”. I have schizophrenic friends. Which is o.k. since I am close myself. I missed my brother bring a girl to a family function for the first time since my wedding. I am coughing up enough phlegm for 5 lifelong smokers. My kid scratched my iPod Video. My brother in law Jesse has just begun his post dinner gas attack.

So after all that “Thanksgiving” how can a guy like me find anything to be thankful for? Well the other day I was writing the “Christmas Note” for the inside of my new Christmas CD and it sets the tone for my head tonight… It reads as follows…
“rag·a·muf·fin or rag·ga·muf·fin (r g -m f n) n.
A shabbily clothed, dirty child or orphan.

The truth is we are all ragamuffins. Born into a place where we have to fight to belong. Born into a place where we have to work hard to get what we want. Born into a place where friends and family come and go.
The beauty of Christmas is that there was a ragamuffin child born many years ago who has decided to adopt us into his family, never leaving us to fend for ourselves. Remember the place from whence you came. Merry Christmas Ragamuffins.

Yea. Life sucks. It always will. But when we open our eyes to the beauty of what holds life together it makes you not only want to continue on with the madness, but sprint toward the madness.

Happy Thanksgiving.
And to those who had better days than I…hold on.
And to those who had worse days than I…let go.
And when you do let go, you open your eyes to see things like this that keep you going…