So I have been researching podcasts lately trying to find something good and relevant and full of resouces for worship leaders in growing congregations. I feel like every worship conference I go to is the same thing. Nothing new. So I find some podcasts. But they are nothing more than worship leaders trying to pimp their music or podcasts playing lame ’92 vineyard tunes. Then I find some that would do nothing more than repel someone searching for God. It has been a very depressing hour. This one ended it for me. I won’t give the website out of a moral obligation not to squash someones hopes and dreams. But here are some images from his site…Page61006full
Yea. He doesn’t lead worship in front of people, but he talks about how to do it and also how to effectively street preach.
Hopefully I’ll find something soon or you might hear a Ragamuffin Podcast in the near future.