Fatjoke9qzSo in this last message in the Counter Culture series Matt preached a sermon entitled “Super Size Me”. Yea. He clowned fat people. He clowned skinny people. He made some amazing points. I think that the point that sticks with me the most is when he asked the church what they would think if he walked onto the stage a few minutes late and told them that last night he was watching the USC game and had a beer. Then had another. Then a few more. Next thing you know he was drunk and throwing up. He was a bit hung over this morning so he showed up a bit late.
Well I think the nice people in the pews (chairs) would have quite an issue with a pastor who behaves as such.
But the kicker is, what if he showed up late only to explain that last night he was watching the USC game at a restaurant and had all you can eat wings. He ate TONS!!! So much he got sick. But man was it good. He was feeling real bad before church so he showed up a bit late. The response would have been completely different. Probably gotten mostly sympathetic looks like, “Yea, I did that last week. You’ll feel better soon pastor.”
He went on to explain how in most verses that speak on drunkenness, they speak of gluttony. It’s all the same. Excessiveness is the root of the sin. Not the beer. Not the food. But we are raising a generation who see their pastors getting fatter and fatter. While preaching control and sobriety. Hmmmmmm?
It got my noodle spinning. The podcast should be up tomorrow. Check it out when you can. What do you guys think? I would love to know your thoughts on this topic. It is a touchy one. A few people got up and left in the middle of the sermon obviously pissed. I know it got to me. Our body is His temple. An amazing gift. What’s the difference or is there one between 1 drink and 1 burger vs. 6 drinks and a quarter pounder?