About a week ago I am dropping off Sohaila at Preschool when one of the staff members calls out, "Mr. Whittaker!!!"  I got that wierd sensation I was in trouble.  Well I was.  Kind of.
– "Hello Mr. Whittaker.  Aren’t you the choir director at your church?"
– "Uh. No."
– "But I was told by another mother you were?"
– "Which mother?"
– "Well thats not important.  You are the choir director, correct?"

At this point I could’nt hide it anymore.  I knew where she was going.  I was done.  Cooked.  Toast…

– "Um.  OK.  Yea.  I mean kind of.  I do the singing thing if thats what your asking."
– "GREAT!!!  Than you will be willing to lead the singing at the childrens Christmas performance next week, right?"
–  "Um.  Well.  Sure.  OK."

So in just 1 hour.  I will be delivering the performance of a lifetime.  Sohaila is by far the most beautiful girl on the stage.  Looks like the Whittaker’s will steal the show yet again.  Father, daughter.  Look out Judds.  Judds_judds
You’ve got some competition.