So tonight was the Worship Team Annual Ugly Outfit Christmas Party. Some people say I take things past the line of appropriate. No. Never. We had a fire pit in the back yard. More food than you can slap yo mama with, and our annual white elephant gift exchange. We had quite a few newbies on the team this year so the gift exchange was a bit reserved to say the least. No lingerie or hard liquor was passed out this year. My girls were great tonight. At every moment I caught Seanna snaking another cookie from the table and licking every last ounce of frosting off the top. I think she had 10. No lie. She didn’t look so hot come 11’oclock. Rob and I sat out by the fire until around 12:30 smoking some nice vanilla tobacco. A good night. Friends, family, food, fun, farts, fudge. How can you go wrong with that combination?
Here are a few pics of the night…

Img_4861_1The Band

Img_4888_1The Team

Img_4893_1If I were him I would’nt be able to keep my hands off my chest either.

Img_4914_1The luckiest woman this side of the Mississippi…