You find some blogs you like. Then you find some blogs you relate to. I found both in one. I have a 3 year old and a 2 year old. I’m scared of them growing up. This blog makes me feel better. Advancing
This post was a great one…

“After 30+ years of walking this earth many would say I have little to show for it. I’m a car salesman, a man of humble occupation. I have no college degree. We chose to homeschool our three kids so we live off one income. No big house. Older used cars. Paycheck to paycheck. You get the picture.

Yet I’m so rich. I feel rich every morning when I realize I’ve been given another day. I feel like “Mr. Money Bags” when I look at our investments, 3 beautiful, vibrant, thoughtful kids. I’m rich because this fruit will remain long after I’m gone. Our family is storing up treasure in heaven. (Matt 6:20)

Being a disciple of Jesus Christ isn’t a “walk in the park.” It’s a free gift that will cost you everything. And the eternal treasure of knowing Jesus is worth the price of admission. If you’ve yet to receive by faith the forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ I invite you to do so today. If you have received him be encouraged in the reality that he continues to offer Himself to us every Christmas season. What a gift! A gift to be unwrapped today!”

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