So today Janie, our black man loving children’s minister who just married a white man, emailed me a link about Tookie. Call me uneducated but I had no idea who Tookie was. Apparently he is the Original O.G. who started the Crips in L.A. Well apparently he is going to die in 11 days unless some miracle of God happens. I was reading his site and saw a number to call the Governator and voice your opinion. I thought it was cool that TookieI could call Arnold so I dialed him up. Not really caring about the whole Tookie thing. But a co worker heard my speaker phone call and immediately weighed in on the subject. Passion flowed from her mouth like honey from a hive. Being the instigator I am I obviously assumed the role of the disagreeing liberal and started pushing buttons. I like to hear people talk when they are passionate about things. So on I pushed. Now the co worker made a pretty good claim for the continuation of the execution of Tookie. Nobel Peace nomination or not. Fry the man.
I honestly have not thought about things like this in quite a long time. And the conversation got my noodle spinning. Do people really passionately care about this? I had a few more conversations with a few more conservative Christians who place all their rights and hopes in the hands of our elected officials.
Now I lay here in bed wondering what the “right” move is.
Bible teaches us to obey the laws of our land. So I elected the officials who chose death for Tookie. I should thank them.
God is a God of grace and it should not be up to us to decide on the death of a seemingly rehabilitated man.
These are the 2 camps I find out there. I don’t sit in either right now. Both are passionate. Should I care more?
Do you care about this stuff?

I don’t know. But I do know one thing.