Who wants to pile up in my pickup truck and go find these dudes?  I am sure they are somewhere in middle America with a militia of 12 or so.  I think we can take them.  Who am I after?  Oh.  They are the founders of the God Fearing website Corrupt Christianity.  They feel it thier job to warn the "REAL" Christians out there…

From www.corruptchristianity.com
"The information compiled on this site has been presented in hope that people’s eyes are opened to the true condition of the Christian industry…But we ask that however you feel after reading through this site, know this, all the information wasn’t meant to bash or defame any of these artists because “we just don‘t like the music”, but has been presented based on all the information we have found, most of it being from their own mouths. Because of this, we felt not only a responsibility, but a burden from the Lord to warn others of the day we are living in and, as the Scriptures teach, let others know the deception that has and is coming in His Name, just as it was foretold many centuries ago…"

Hop in.  The pickup is warmin up and all I actually want to do is use some duct tape.  For their pie holes and fingers.  Just to shut them up for a while before the whole world finds out that Billy Graham is working for the devil!!!  Max Hsu.  A new blogging friend of mine has even been targeted.  Read some of their allegations below.
SUPERCHICK – "Some refer to them as ‘irreverent, wacky, punky, extreme’ – and they sing of their ‘I’ll be everything that I want to be’ message (‘One Girl Revolution).
Singing of their confidence and security, and how they don’t have to flaunt their bodies to be girls – they flaunt across the stage in their skimpy clothing, contradicting their message.
Superchick is clearly defined of just how irreverent and mocking they are towards Christianity! They truly are a "punky" band, rotten and corrupted."…

Michael W. Smith
Billy Graham – "Here is the evidence that Mr. Graham is truly not bringing salvation to the thousands that he claims, true salvation comes from truth and Graham doesn’t give the unadulterated truth. He may speak of some truths, but a half-truth is a lie, and his example shows us that he doesn’t live by the ways and laws of the Lord Jesus Christ he has professed for so many years.
Mr. Graham has been one of the most important ministers, in this one world agenda, for bringing the world together and breaking down the walls of separation between the wicked and the righteous. His Ecumenical connections are too many to even number. Graham has embraced those that are against God, which reveals his corruption. Below is a list that makes him not only "guilty by association", but guilty from his own mouth."… www.corruptchristianity.com


I promise not to hurt them.  Just a little duct tape.