It’s 2 am. Too late to delve into my thoughts and concerns for my church and myself when it comes to worship. I’ll try tomorrow. But even in my less that spectacular postings this week most have been faithful to stopping by. So I will fill you with images and let them speak for me. Img_5536Seriously. If you are in Southern California the next 2 days feel free to come down. There is nothing like the energy of this many people here for one reason. To worship God alone. The energy pushes even the biggest of skeptics to the point of self denial and total abandon. Img_5583We are at the Town and Country Resort right at the 15 and the 8 on Hotel Circle in San Diego. Call Jeff’s cell or Heathers and we will meet up. Tomorrow is going to be a pretty challenging night. Img_5592It should be pretty thick. Some highlights so far…Img_5602
1. This afternoon I wrote a song that we ended up singing tonight. I don’t normally do that but it just felt right. Leave it up to my band to make a mediocre song incredible. It hit in an amazing way. That was a cool moment.
2. Mike Eeire’s sermons. His talk last night actually inspired the song. He is speaking on the Revolution of Christ.
3. The Pitts managing like crazy. Jeff really needs to know that he is a better manager than bass player. And that is saying a lot. The guy gets things done and by the time he is done raking someone over, they seem to love him more because of it. Go figure.
4. Leah’s addiction to Del Taco. She has had it twice in the past 12 hours.
5. My ever evolving self discovery. I am old. When did college students begin college at 14? They are so young.
6. I fit into Ambercrombie jeans. I am no longer stuck shopping at the fat man’s American Eagle.

So thats about it at 2:13 am. I am looking forward to coming home to Sandals. These things are always refreshing but never feels like home. I love you Sandals Church.