Sunday nights feel so fresh.  After a day of non stop “churching” it is nice to come home and plop down and veg to a bit of Sports Center.  I honestly played guitar for at least 5 hours today.  We are getting ready for the Experience Jesus Campus Crusade Christmas Conference.  So we are working out all the sets.  From 2-3:30 we rehearsed guitars and keys.  Then from 4-6 we rehearsed drums and bass.  Then from 6:15-6:45 we rehearsed for evening set.  Then played from 7-7:30.  That does not count the morning sets.  So when I get home tonight I just want to chill.  I did what I normally do.  Plop down in the corner of my sofa and close my eyes.  But only for a moment.  Tomorrow is trash day and the trash still had to be taken out….Hold on…
I just read what I have typed so far and this really sucks.  But instead of doing what I normally do and deleting it and starting over I am just going to make you suffer through the randomness that is in my head tonight.

1.  I wish I had more hair.

2.  I can’t believe that there is a Restless Leg Syndrome infomercial

3.  Why do I pull my boxers up past my belly button every night when I get in bed?

4.  I held grudges for about 45 seconds at people who did not buy my new CD today.

5.  I wish I did not have a “preacher neck”

6.  I really don’t want to wake up and take Sohaila to preschool tomorrow.

7.  Sometimes I feel like smoking.  Tonight is one of those nights.

8.  If I smoked I would be addicted in about 1 day.

9.  I have an addictive personality.

10.  I am addicted to blogging.

There you go.
I’ll stop now.