You know when something hurts so bad you don’t want to move it?  Say you twist your ankle.  Well you basically limp for a few days until it stops hurting.  Then you walk again.  Well right now my throat is on fire.  It hurt pretty bad this morning but I took a vicadin before the 1st service today and I was flowin’.  Floatin’ as well.  I don’t think I was high?  Well after 3 services.  2 hours of singing.  I can’t even swallow right now.  Here is the problem.  My saliva glands seem to be working overtime.  Or maybe I don’t notice they work this hard because normally I don’t feel my heart pulsating in the back of my throat.  I am pretty sure I am going to wake up to a pool of drool in the morning because once I go to sleep I am sure my throat is going to boycott the whole swallowing thing. 
So at 9 this morning we definately were a bit closer to heaven during the worship set.  I was floating at least 3 inches off the ground.  Maybe next time I’ll only take 1/2 the pill. 
Off to drool.