Her first day of school
Her cheek on her shoulder
That means she’s excited
Maybe she’ll stop once she’s older.

Oh man looky here
The Los Dawg is rhymin’
Throwing down flows
Like Garfunkel and Simon.


Seanna is pissed
"Whys she get to stay?!?
Wait there goes my playmate!!
I don’t like this day"

That there is Mrs. Stogner
Sohaila’s 1st teacher
She’s got the right look
She’s got the right features

Don’t you want to just hug her?
Um, well, maybe not
You might not be into
Huging grandmas and what.

So there is my kid
On her first day of school
All pretty in purple
Like Paula Abdul

So now that I’m burning
Flaming out of control
This here rhyme is sizzlin’
Like a cheap egg roll.

Don’t bother calling the Pulitzer people.
I already did.