OK. So there are 2 distinct groups of bloggers out there. Those that pay for service. And those that don’t.
I pay for Typepad. It has done a great job at allowing me to communicate with more people than I ever imagined. But there comes a point in time when you have to step up as a company and just let your customers know that you are in over your head. Why do I feel like there is a small office in LA somewhere with Typepad staff running around like chickens with their heads cut off reading manuals trying to fix the new servers they just bought with all my blogs on them? Well apparently they found the right manual because my last weeks worth of blogs have been saved. Kind of. No files or images. But they are not totally lost.
So Bravo to Typepad for getting this major problem somewhat fixed.
Boo and Hiss for Typepad not forthcoming to their customers about the truth behind all the problems of the last few months.
Typepad needs a forum. Plain and simple. So we can get answers faster than this.