Today was my first 100 visit day.  A visit is defined as someone who stays on your blog 2 minutes or longer and sitemeter does a good job of making sure you don’t cheat them.  They only count 1 visit per ip address per half an hour.  If you are using any other stat tracker I really recommend Sitemeter.  They are the purest online without bloating the numbers. 
Thanks to all who stop by everyday.  Let’s keep expanding the world of blogging!!!  Keep linking here and I’ll link back.  Let’s make all our friends wonder what the heck we are doing on here.  Then they will turn into power bloggers. 
I remember a few months ago having dinner with my buddy Ricardo and trying to explain the community that takes place and the healing and freedom I have seen on these pages.  Now he is more addicted than I !!!  Ha Ha Ha!!!  Keep spreading the blogging love.  Check back tomorrow for a Huge surprise.