So I feel like I need to explain a bit better my post from yesterday.  Not that there is anything wrong with explaining.  I forget sometimes that not everyone who stops by here day by day knows me and my convictions.  After getting my 5th email stating I was in someway supporting gay marriage I thought I would take another look at my post. 
After reading I am pretty comfertable with everything that was said.  Although I would have been a bit clearer that I KNOW that homosexual marriage is wrong.  But that does not change the fact that if Rick called me tomorrow wanting some advice on how to better communicate with David I would give it too him whole heartedly.  It’s not my job to make them miserable.  It is my job to fill them with the love of Christ. 
You can’t tell me that your humanness does not fight with your spiritual knowledge sometimes.  I assume the part of the post that was in some way confusing was this…"I am happy for Rick.  He seems healed.  He seems complete.  Of’course
he is.  Just as when you find that mate you have searched for.  There
is an aspect of humanness that I cannot help but be satisfied with and for him."
Well after reading it again I can’t deny my happiness for him.  Should I have some deeper broken heartedness for him?  I am sure I should.  But I guess that is one place I am flawed.  I would LOVE to see him walk with the Lord.  But I think he does.  Just not with this.  Can that be?  Yes.  The Word tells me it can.  Man.  I lead worship on staff at an evangelical church yet I struggle loving the homeless.  How can I exist like this as a Christian? 
I give up.  That is how I exist.  I am constantly searching for how to be a better "Christian" every day.  But I think that is our problem.  We try so hard.  Note to readers and self…We can’t try hard enough.  We are flawed.  So give up.  Stop trying and I promise you will begin living the revolution of Christ as opposed to the Christian life.

Umm.  Where did that come from?  Normally at this point I would re read the letters that just escape my fingertips and edit it nicely.  Not today.  I’m scared to read what I just wrote.