Today we ventured to Pasadena to go celebrate with Heather’s uncle Rick and family and friends.  Rick got married yesterday to his partner David.  I was not able to go to the wedding because I obviously had church.  But I wanted to make it evident to Rick that I cared for him and David.  At the party/brunch today I was able to write to the 2 of them a small note in a sort of congrats journal.  While writing I was able to take a quick second and think solely about Rick and who he is to me.  I can see Christ in Rick.  I truly can.  In almost every aspect of him.  From his brashness to his sincerity.  He does things all or nothing.  I found it a struggle to come to grips with my feelings.  Only now I am settling with them.  I am happy for Rick.  He seems healed.  He seems complete.  Of’course he is.  Just as when you find that mate you have searched for.  There is an aspect of humanness thImg_5971at I cannot help but be satisfied with and for him.  Rick knows what I believe.  He knows my "politicalness".  He knows my "evangelicalness".  But more than anything, today Rick and David know I love them and will continue to be a part of their lives until God takes one of them home.  Some have told me I am wrong in my feelings. 
But I’m tired of not celebrating my love for someone while trying to prove a point. 
Call it what it is.