So I am addicted to this crap.  It seems I try to persuade more people a day to the Gospel According to Steve Jobs and the Gospel According to Blog than I do to Jesus.  Sorry Jesus.  Really.  I am.  I suck.  I do.  But that does not take away from the fact that the community of people I digitally hang out with on a daily basis makes me cozy inside.  So, much love to all of you who contribute to this community. 
I was checking my stats from the past hour when I saw this little lonely dot.  See it?  Over there kinda in the middle right section of the map. 


That dot is Derek.  Derek played drums for me and is a friend I hold closer than he knows.  Derek is a missionary over there.  I don’t think I am supposed to say where but honestly, most of Derekyou wouldn’t know it if you were looking at a map.  Oh wait.  You are looking at a map.  And you still don’t know.  I wouldn’t either if he didn’t tell me.  I am as globally retarded as the next.  OK.  So back to the dot.  Every time I see that dot in my stats I know it is Derek.  And I say a little prayer for Derek
that he is safe and effectively preaches the truth.  So now you know my friend Derek the Dot.  Pray for Derek.  He is a bigger man than I. 
Lord.  May Derek be filled with You from his walks, to his talks, to his little apartment box.