OK.  So I am taking this wonderful time away from my belly aching girl to peruse through my favorite blogs.  It is quiet as all get out in the house.  Sarah D. is asleep on the sofa.  Seanna asleep in her room.  Heather and Sohaila asleep in my bed.  Hard wood floors roll throughout my 1300 square foot beast of a mansion.  The only light in the cold kitchen I am typing in invades my face from my 17" Powerbook screen. 
Calm.  Get the picture?
I move my foot to the right and place in back down on the floor only to feel something  soft.  a teddy bear?  No.  From under the table comes 90 decibles of "Elmo lives on Sesame Street.  Elmo lives blah blah blah.  Elmo lives on Sesame Street…"  Thanks for waking up my house Elmo.  I even stuck that pacifier thing up in his mouth to shut him up.  he just hums the rest of the tune.