Surprise Surprise.  The Ragamuffin Soulcast is now official.  Tell one and tell all.  The first show hit iTunes last night and I wanted to let all my faithful Ragamuffins know that it is time to pimp my podcast.  Tell one and tell all.  Go to itunes and subscribe.  Tell your friends to go as well.  Let’s spread the word. 
If you remember a few months ago I went searching for a good podcast on worship leading or worship in general.  Nada.  Nothing.  So yea.  I took it upon myself.  The crazy thing is that where ever you are in the world.  If you go to iTunes and type in "worship leading"…Um…yea…It’s this top hit.  Go figure.  So spread the love.  Here is where you can get it. 

Go subscribe.  Help me spread the love.