So I usually use this blog to stir discussion on relevant issues and also for sime fun posts.  But more than anything to create community in some way shape or form. 
Today I will stray a bit.  I will specificall ask for prayer.  My daughter Sohaila  has  been in severe pain on and off for 4 days.  When it is on it is really on.  At night she starts complaining about her tummy hurting and then in a few minutes turn into screaching and screaming while contrting her body it hurts so bad.  Thursday doctors appointment.  "Stomach Flu".  Friday night midnight, ER.  X-rays and maybe stomach flu plus some gas.  Apparently gas and stomach flu.  Sunday she had a great day.  I thought she was over it.  But last night around 1 am it got the worst.  She practically passed out it hurt so bad.  There has to be something wrong.  so back to the ER last night at 3.  This time Heather.  She finally came back with some strong cramping medicine.  4 days later.  But more than that I want my baby to be OK.  She is not supposed to be in this much pain.  It’s not fair. 
So pray for a few things please.
1.  Sohaila – To get past whatever is causing her to writhe in pain on a daily basis. 
2.  Heather – She is the rock emotionally in our home.  She is breaking. 
3.  Myself – Watching a child in this much pain for this long is breaking my heart in 2.  I am frustrated that 3 different doctors have told us to get over it but they all say the same thing.  So I am pretty sure it will pass.  I just don’t know how much more we can take. 
Sorry for the emotional post.  I just want her smile back.

Prayer Request