Sorry for the inconsistant posting this week.  The last 2 days have been those when you wonder if there is any way to take back the whole father thing.  The whole parenting thing.  When your heart hurt so bad for one of your children that you almost would give them back in order to lessen their pain.  Sohaila has had that stomach flu and her main symptom has been stomach cramps the past 2 nights.  ALL NIGHT LONG.  Curled up fetally and begging her daddy to "fix me please!!!"  Yea.  And Mr. Anxiety himself is trying to stay strong.  So after 4 hours of cramps last night HEather could’t take it anymore and Me and So took off the the ER.  Walked in at midnight.  Walked out at 3:30 am.  They think she hasw that flu and gas combined.  Great.  So I rubbed her belly until about 6 when she finally passed out.  This morning she is a different person.  Running, jumping, laughing.  The Sohaila I have not seen in 3 days.  But the worry in me dreads tonight.  Lord.  Continue to heal Your and my daughter.  Bring her back the health she needs.  May you give Heather and I strength when it is gone.