Some people don’t celebrate Valentines Day.  They think you should celebrate your love for your "Valentine" EVERY day.  Not just one day a year.  That’s fine.  Just not realistic.  At least not for me.  I know that I suck.  I won’t pretend I don’t.  I have good days when my ladies feel the love radiating from within my chest of Panamanian love.  But more than those I have days of just existing with 3 beautiful Valentines.  So thats why today yesterday I celebrated.  And it was the best V-day I have had my whole life.  Even better than when Judy Veras gave me a french kiss for 30 seconds in 8th grade in the stairwell behind the gym at Shamrock High.  Thanks Judy.

So I woke up at 6:30 to head to Savon to pick up some red dye for my pink heart shaped pancakes I was making for my ladies.  I walked in and saw the HUGE ballon boquets.  I knew my girls would freak out so I grabbed 2 boquets.  One for each of my biscuit heads.  The woman in line behind me was staring a hole through my back and I could feel it.  I turned and smiled.  She proceeded to say…"TWO Valentines today?!?!?"  Like I was some player or something.  I played along.  "Yes ma’am.  And they even know about each other and don’t care!!!"  She was now fuming.  Apparently a victim of the "game" some men play.  She rolled her eyes at me and spouted something off about her husbands former past and men like me.  I thought it was time I break the news.  "My Valentines are actually 2 and 3 years old."  She withered.  Apologized profusely.  And I just thought.  DON’T HATE THE PLAYER.  HATE THE GAME. 
Here are some pics from breakfast.  I know.  I’m screwed.  They are perfect. 






What did you do for your Valentine?