So I just started closing escrow on my ghetto 1200 square foot home here in Riverside, CA.  Sold it in 2 weeks.  Don’t fret.  Dsc02102
This house has been good to us.  But if your looking to move to the Los Angeles basin.  Ummm.  You might have to sell your kids first.  Our move in date to our new KB home just a few miles away was pushed back farther to the end of July.  So there is this small itch deep down inside to pack up my family and move to Sterling Heights, MI.  Why?  I don’t know anyone there.  I’m sure I would be the only Mexican.  But damn skippy.  I could buy any of these houses!!!!!!

So as I dream of the 4400 square feet I could own in boondocks, MI at the end of escrow then look outside at the homeless dude with the cart I would miss waving at every day, I pause.  Pray.  Yea.  I’m outta here. 

P.S.  Yea.  I will miss all you.  But I will be able to fit all my friends in my house every Thanksgiving.  See you later.
Gobble Gobble.