Shawn Mullins desribes LA as this…
"it’s hard to play a gig in this town
and keep a straight face
seems like everyone here’s got a plan
it’s kind of like nashville with a tan"

The past few days I have been surrounded by many "industry" people.  From publishing house VP’s, to professional musicians.  Artist reps, to authors.  Disney producers to record label owners.  Song writers to mega church pastors.  And that has only been the 40 or so people cruising around on a charter bus from resturant to venue to resturant to session with me.  When Shawn describes LA in his song, there is one difference.  These people don’t do this in LA.  They don’t get together and pray.  They don’t remove all status and fame at the door and hang out.  I heard all my life from "friends" about how dirty the business is out here.  Sometimes I wonder if the business doesn’t think the same thing about the ones who come out and fail then leave pissed and spewing venom.  I got to spend half an hour today with someone I was told was full of self and nothing else.  I was once again reminded that even those closest to me can be full of crap.  I mean why not?  I’m consistantly at least half full of it.
So no Shawn.  LA is not like Nashville with a tan.  It’s Nashville with a tan, boob jobs, botox, and angry country singers now trying to be pop.   
You may hate country music.  But one thing is true.  It’s impossible to fake it in this town.  You got it or you don’t.  I wish it was like that in LA.  But hey.  At least we have the boobs, botox, and booze.  And thats just our church staff.  Just kidding.  Really.  But not about the botox.  Have you seen how full Justin’s lips are looking lately?
I think the jet lag is getting to me…
"everything’s gonna be all right
rockabye, rockabye
everything’s gonna be all right
rockabye, rockabye,rockabye, bye, bye
bye, bye"

What a horrible song.