Sorry.  I completely forgot to translate the tat. 
It is Korean.  It can be traslated "Pray" or "To Pray"
Right now Heather and I are in the middle of the process of adopting our infant son from South Korea.  It is a reminder to continue to pray for him.  When we get him it will be a reminder to continue to pray for his mother.  As well, of all my spiritual disciplines, prayer is the worst.  A constant reminder.  It’s funny.  I called my mom to give her the "Pre warning".  I love my mom.  She birthed me.  And I didn’t come out with this reminder on my arm.  My mom asks, "Why don’t you just put up a post it note or a reminder in your outlook?  Why your arm?"  The answer is not clear.  I ask myself the same question.  But I do know one thing.  I’m 32 and have never written on a post it.