I’ve got nothing witty or deep.  I feel like I must sleep.  But before I go curl up all fetal.  Let me bore 125 of you people.  Stop reading now if you bore easily.

7:15 am – Sohaila comes into bed and sticks her FREEZING cold feet straight into the front of my boxers!!!  Dear Lord.  Not a good way to start the day.  So I’m up. 
8:45 am – Drive that cold footed diva to preschool. 

9:00 am – Have 2 potential musician conversations with 2 potential musicians who are both awake before 10!!!  Either they really suck because no musician worth their salt is up this early or they really want to play.

10:00 am –  Drive to the bank to deposit my check that is supposed to be direct deposited.  I think the last time I stepped foot in a bank was 5 years ago.  The Internet has stifled my public banking knowledge.  In order to cash a check these days you have to fill out like 5 slips of paper with numbers I don’t know.  But I walked out with cash.  So I somewhat succeeded. 

10:30 a.m. – Sat in horrible LA traffic on the 91 East for 30 minutes. 

11:00 am – Arrived at my place of pain.  Jimmy was waiting. 

11:35 am – Called Eric in the ATL crying and in need of support.Img_6425

1:00 pm – InkedImg_6431_1

2:00 pm – 12 phone call returns.

2:45 pm – Sandals Staff…"Uh.  Man Carlos.  That’s really big huh?  Did it hurt?  AreImg_0768_1_1

you sure it says what you think it says?"   Matt Brown…"Hey Carlos.  You have 2 red bumps above your eyebrows.  I heard that some people get bad reactions to tattoo ink and their foreheads swell up for days.  You better go check that out."

4:00 pm – Human Resource Job Description Development

5:35 pm – Get home and mauled by offspring

6:30 pm – Wife cooks up some Thai won-ton love that makes me want to slap my mama.

6:45 pm – Wife suddenly leaves with Tammy and Summer to go see "Brokeback  Mountain". 

6:50 pm – Daddy hands out candy and puts on Dora.

7:30 pm – We load up the Suburban and head to the office to help Tia Nancy with her Quickbooks

8:30 pm – Daddy and his divas hit Tyler Mall for some much needed… "Awe!!!  How cute!!! Your daughters are beautiful!!!" …time.  I admit it.  I take my children out alone just to get praise for producing amazing looking offspring.

8:55 pm – Juice It Up hooks us up with some Strawberry smoothie love. 

9:15 pm – Search 25 minutes in my 1300 square foot home for the infamous "Piggy" just so sohaila can go to bed.  Anyone want a pig?  That’s piggy in the top right corner.  And then this is Piggy in the beginning…


10:00 pm – Heather, So, Seanna, and I all are grinding our teeth and sawing logs on the sofa.  One big fat happy clan. Img_3344_1

10:45 pm.  Wake up put the girls to bed and write this random entry.  I’m scared to go to bed because Heathers cold feet are waiting.