So I decided to do some spring cleaning.   I wanted to tidy things up a bit.  With spring cleaning comes garage sales and throwing things away.  Painting and replacing last years photos.  So Ragamuffins.  Lots changed, stayed the same, showed up, or disappeared.
Heres what changed or appeared…
1.  The Banner *
     Kris from Sandals took this shot.  He is awesome.  I will probably rotate this image every so often.  Probably with Kris’ shots. 
2.  My bio pic * 
     Kris took this too.  i just like that God is on top of my head.  Finally.
3.  Photo Albums *
     There were just too many.  If you got deleted.  I still love you.
4.  Typelists *   
    A.  My Top 10 Blogs
         These blogs are my daily MUSTS.  They are updated VERY regularly which you Have to do in order to gain a reader base.  And if they are not updated often I hang on pins and needles until the next update.  I feel these blogs are pushing the blogging community forward.  This list will change often.  As i am a very schitzo reader.  I am devoted yes.  Yet I also shift my gaze to whatever is shiny.   
    B.  Outta Town Friends
         This changed from my favorite blogs to "outta town friends"  I thought the term favorite was a bit elitist.  I guess "my top 10 blogs" is too.  O’well.  These people all live too far away.  My life would be better with all these people living next door.
    C.  Sandals Blogs
         New Sandalites
    D.  Related Blogs
         Love, Cuz, Pops
    E.  Podcasts On My iPod
         New Podcasts
    F.    Link Love
          These are people I either do not know and link to my blog or I have just met and link to my blog.  If you link to los.typepad.com and you are not on this list let me know and I will put you on it.  the only way to spread the blogging love is by reproducing links.  Let’s link.
    G.   Creatives  I Am Glad Blog 
           Peeps I won’t pretend I know but I stalk their lives online.  These guys are artists who blog in one way shape or form.  Awesome Stuff!!!

Obviously I try not to double link.  So I will have friends who are creative but are on the friends list ect.  I am just trying to clean up.  Blogging I think is like music.  Less is more most of the time.  I’ve got a few more typelists I want to put up.  Stay tuned.

So there you go.  Tell me what you think of the new look and if I left your site off the lists.