So here I am in Nashville.  I am already floored.  This I’m not even going to try and explain what is going on here.  But heres some cliff notes…  Randy Elrod puts this on and pulls out all the stops.  Tonight we were treated to some Amazing worship writers.  My favorite surprise was Paul Baloche sitting in and sharing some new songs and old faithfuls such as Open the Eyes of My Heart.  I can’t remember the last song he shared but it was AMAZING.  Integrity Music sponsered the dinner and we walked away with full bellies of catfich and okra, 10 or so CD’s, a couple books, and memories of 4 worship writers sharing and writing music.  It was cool.  On the way home I sat in the back of the bus with Chad Jarnigan from Among Thorns and Rich Kirkpatrick from Redding, CA and had a good 45 minute conversation about our roles as worship leaders and how we sometimes stray from where we should go for the sake of our own fulfillment.  Actually rich has a cool photo album from tonight and a better description of the event than I do.  Thats where I stole the pic from.  Thanks Rich.  Also ran into fellow blogging buddy Pat Callahan.  Whats wierd.  I feel like I already knew these guys before I showed up here.  Actually I did.  All because of this thing called blogging.  Stay tuned for the overflow that comes out of me every day.  I’m already full.