Img_6509So the session for today was being kept a big secret. 
Randy wouldn’t tell us anything about it.  We got up at the butt crack of dawn and headed out to breakfast.  I saw most of my fellow re:creaters throwing back some very unhealthy b-fast.  We then had some sweet worship led by Matthew West.  He was great live.  Nothing like a real singer songwriter in a small room with good singers singing along.  He gave us his last CD too.  Did I mention that all the sponsers from this conference hook it up.  I think I am up to 7 books and at least 20 CD’s.  A flash drive, DVD’s, and even some love chocs.  At the beginning of the week they give you an empty box Heather could fit in and by the end of the week it is full. 
So onto the charter bus we rolled.  Randy looked nervous.  This was going to be good.  We pulled up to a building right next to Vanderbilt University.  He goes on to explain…We are getting a RARE opportunity to take part in a patented think tank structure.  The Vanderbilt Center for Better Health was designed to solve problems in the medical world today.  Summits of researchers come here to go through the process designed not to get ideas.  But to come out with concrete solutions.  We were about to get a taste of like 5000 dollars an hour consulting.  And I believe I am shooting low.  Way low.    Neal would have a "Flow Chartasim" here.  We walk into a very vibey, clean, ikea looking environment.  There is a staff there to assist in moving your conversations and ideas along.  Img_6501
There are hanging microphones almost every 2 tiles to pick up on every conversations.  There are video cameras set up to catch it all.  There are the coolest looking white boards you have ever seen.  Some like 40 feel long!!!  Every single thing uttered here and written here is digitally recorded and transcribed so nothing gets lost.  Then 2 days later all video, transcripts, and images are available online in a secure server environment.  Its like CTU for planners.  AMAZING.  When the developer of the center got up to explain the process to us a cute lady got up and started writing notes on the white board.  Notes.  I thought.  Thats nice.  But no.  This woman is an artist.  She is a professional scribe who is trained on following dialog and capturing it on paper and displays so that you will always remember.  From her images to her icons.  She was amazing. 

Follow from the left to right and you will know where our conversations went.  It was amazing.  She made this stuff up as we talked.  AWESOME!!!  Then we broke off into teams and went to our own sections of the facilities.  Our group had the issue of maintaining health and balance in our staff and volunteer base.  That is Rich, Justin, and BrianImg_6503_1
They were the scribes.  It is funny to see so many leaders working together.  We struggled at the beginning.  but found our pace. 
It was a mentally exasting morning but I learned many things about how I am going to run my meetings when I get back home.  One thing we suck at is effective meetings.  That has to change.  Who better to change it than the add arts and worship guy?
Off to the Marriot we headed after solving all the churches problems.  Here are some shot of some
new friends I’ve made.  And I really mean that when I say that.  To have people in your boat rowing along side you is amazing.
Me and Chad from Peoples in Franklin. Me and John from Michigan.
Me and Tyler
and John fromImg_6506_1
Img_6508Img_6510Northpoint in the ATL.
I am definately from the smallest church here.  That is a cool feeling.  The conference is for "Large" churches only.  I thought it cool to have Sandals and Saddleback together, equal ground, solving big problems.  Thanks Randy for this.  It has changed my church and I’m not even home yet.


P.S.  If I ever get in a fight with my best friend Eric.  I’ll just go hang out with Tyler since they were separated at birth…Picture_1_11