Today I did not lead worship.  At least not from stage anyways.  Matt Cash pulled it off.  GREAT  Job.  But I actually found myself working harder off stage than I do on stage.  I video taped each player for a few minutes each.  I streamed the service and had a few beta testers across the country testing the stream out on different speed settings.  I went to  Guitar Center and bargain for lighting gels.  I lowered the truss and rearranged the lighting grid and ran lights tonight.  I’m exhausted.  Oh.  And I recorded podcast #4.  I’ll post it in the morning.  So yea.  I’m tired.  I will fall asleep to the Olympics tonight.  I am a Olympic junkie.  Anyone else?  Although every summer olympics I swear I am going to train and compete in Table Tennis.  you don’t want none of me.