Woke up at the butt crack of dawn.  Drove the nice toll roads to the land known as Saddleback.  I call it that because it sort of envelops everything in a 3 mile radius around the campus.  I’m sure there is a Saddleback Community Grocery Store.  Amazing.  Anyway.  I don’t wake up and do breakfast with anybody.  Especially on my day off.  But my boy Justin Bio_pic
called me out for some tech love.  So I gave it.  Let me tell you of the Mac hormones that were flying around Moxie Java for 5 hours on a Friday morning.  2 Powerbooks open and 2 big eyed Mac Geeks swapping files like mad.  It was awesome.  So now Mr. Saddleback Worship and Arts Pastor himself has a real deal blog.  Ladies and gentlemen, Justin Adams Blog.  Go spread the soulcast love.  We got his podcast also set up.  Check back soon for the iTunes feed of it.  It is going to be awesome.  So anytime I can spend from 9-2:30 talking blogs, podcasts, and Mac I am bound to have a good day.  Brother even managed to get me to eat 5 types of Sushi.  Sushi, Macs, Love, Blogs, Podcasts.  You can’t plan that crap.  Great morning. 

So after I left Justin with his head spinning I came home to get ready for dinner with our new friends Joe and Jamila.  Remember them?  I posted about their wedding they had in church a few weeks back.  Click here for that.  AWESOME story.  Anyways.  I’m not gonna lie.  When Heather invites people over, I get nervous.  Sometimes it just sucks.  No one talks and I am forced to play entertainer for an hour.  Not tonight.  Jamila takes the cake.  This sister has 9 other sisters.  Guess what happened when you are one of ten Picdin
sisters in the same house.  You learn to talk.  Yea.  She is amazing.  She beats me up and down when it comes to owning a room.  To see the life in her is encouraging knowing the heartache she and Joe have been through.  So I did not do the usual kick people out after an hour.  We sat and talked for 5 hours.  Two 5 hour sessions in one day.  I left both life sessions more alive than before.  Thanks Justin, Jamila and Joe.  You made this a great Friday.