Today I spent the majority of my day at Saddleback Community Church.  That place is a trip.  I got to hang with my buddy Rick M. for the majority of the day.  I saw Justin and razzed him a bit as well.  It was good to see the Saddleback staff screwing around as much as we do at Sandals.  At one point a plastic dart came speeding down the hallway and stuck perfectly to Rick’s office window.  2005muchowhead140

I love to pour into people.  But every once in a while it’s good to get some fuel myself.  Although the point of the day was supposed to be for Rick, I always get fueled hanging with that guy.  When a 30 minute lunch turns into 6 hours of madness I definately leave a better man.  Check out Ricks new blog and give him some love. 
Why is it I can’t leave a meeting without the person I just met with having a blog?
If Apple and Typepad could get you into heaven, I’d have Greg Laurie trumped.