Damn Skippy.  It was one of those days.  You know them.  When everything just is clickin’ like a chicken.  Even the things that fall apart seem to work out better than what you planned.  If I was a betting man, and I am, and I listened to the first song of the worship set, I would have bet the whole day was going to go down in flames.  Put it this way.  I wrote this song 3 months ago called "Revolution Cry"  We have played it about 5 Sundays.  3 Times a Sunday.  So.  15 times?  Always in Bb.  Always.  Capo 3.  Well today for some reason I decide to put the capo on the 4th fret.  That is problem 1.  Problem 2…I did not have my trusty pick at the time so I couldn’t hear my guitar as well as I would have liked.  Neither could my boys.  So yea.  For the first verse and chorus they were in Bb and I was in B.  To tell you the truth.  I have no idea what key I ended up singing in.  I just kept looking at out new bass player Coach and cussing him out with my eyes.  "DUDE MAN!!  What is the deal!!!  Your in the wrong FREAKING Key!!!"  Come to find out.  Um.  Foot out of mouth.  It was me.  Yea.  And the ENTIRE song I thought it was everyone else.  Take your bets off the table.  Carlos is Rollin’ 7’s.  The next 2 songs were a good recovery.  You can’t miss with Marvelous Light and No One Like You.  So after a half an hour ribbing from the band it was almost time for Matt’s invitation.  We NEVER do invitations at Sandals.  We are not going to start today either.  But Matt laid out an awesome call today to the church.  So the invitation was not for the unbeliever.  It was for the Sandals Family.  You see with all the JC’s Girls Girls Girls stuff we have been getting HAMMERED.  Churches just are not cool with it.  Matt met this week with some pastors of a VERY INFLUENTIAL church in So Cal who basically told him to turn and walk away from the JC’s Girls thing.  Bless them.  Pray for them.  But let them go.  Because if they go down…We go down.  Yea.  Matt stood up in front of the whole church today and said…and I quote…"I know that they just have my best intentions in mind.  But I feel like that is the whimps way of doing Christianity.  I am not going to bless you and run.  If we go down…We go down together."  It was moving.  So every service he called out the church to cross the line ofPicture_1_16
support.  Either you are with us or there are 12 great churches within 2 miles of here who will welcome you with open arms.  But You HAVE to be on board because we are only getting started.  To see all those people jam around our stage every service and even flow up on it was a sight I will never forget.  Arms locked and tears flowing.  I led them in Serenity.  The sang it like warriors.  Crammed around the stage and flowing into the aisles.  It was AWESOME. 
So I just thought I would map out my day for you.  Sorry it was so long.  But you know when you just have one of those days.  You want to tell the world!!!  GOD CAN USE CHICS WITH BOOB JOBS TOO!!!  Yea.  Sandals.