It’s 1:41 am.  Why am I awake?  My wife is snoring.  Sohaila’s farting.  Seanna’s drooling.  And me?  I am balancing the checkbook.  I just ate a quesadilla so I feel pretty fat right now.  I accidently shaved part of my goat off today so I had to shave the rest off.  Now you can see my double chin.  I am destined to make this the worst post I have ever posted. 
And how come when I turned 30 suddenly hair started growing from different areas of my back?  If Heather ever kicks it will my next wife shave it like she does?  Or will I be cast into life as a hairy spot on the back widower?  That would suck.  I just want to go to sleep.  Who needs that 67 bucks I can’t find anyways? 
I think I accomplished my goal.  This post is as useless as I am right now. 
Sometimes it is better just not to log into Typepad.