There are certain things you come to expect as a worship pastor. 
I expect my church to show up every week and worship God.  Sometimes loud.  Sometimes not loud. 
I also expect when I go lead worship at a conference or event there to be an escalated bit of energy in the crowd as this is a "special event" they either paid money for or have been looking toward for a while. 
I also expect when coming home from one of these events to have the conversation with myself on Sunday morning, "Los.  Remember that these people come to Sandals every week.  You can’t expect what you get from 1000 college students packed into a room for 3 days."

But here is the cool thing.  As long as I continue to expect things.  God will send the unexpected.  Sunday Night He Showed Up.

I love you Sandals Church.  Thanks for giving me the best job in the world. 
No Voice Left.
Guitars out of tune.
Our Church at the end of a day. 
Who knew they had it in them.
Watch this…