All I wanted was a healthy kid.  That is all I asked for.  "Lord please let my baby be healthy."  That is what I would pray.  Then my 2nd biscuit popped out the oven.  I wonderred aloud at that moment if I could ever love her as much as my first.  Sohaila’s so cute.  This kid came out pretty squished up.  But then she opened her eyes.  You see those eyes?  Look at them.  There is more going on behind those balls than I will ever understand.  Even when she was all squished up and newborn lookin’ she had those eyes.  Now 2 and a half years later I can’t phathom life without her.  She rips my heart out and dangles it in front of me every day.  Doing with it what she pleases.  But at the end of her heart dangling game, she always puts it back in my chest. 
Thanks Seanna for making me sprint home every day.