I don’t usually brag.  Well.  OK.  Maybe only every couple of days.  But I have done the impossible.  Yes.  You heard me correctly.  It is only a matter of time before all the other churches get it.  You see, we do the JC’s Girls thing.  We do the tell it like it is thing.  We do the Black Eyed Peas thing.  But as of today we have stepped into uncharted territory.  We completed the purchase to switch the entire Sandals Church Information Infrastructure to Macs.  Yes.  In one week we will have an entirely secure all Macintosh network.  There will be over 20 Macs feeling the Bonjour love all day long.  We have the greatest Administrative Pastor around.  He understands that the church functions most closely in the business world to a marketing firm.  And you go to the top marketing firms and you see what they run.  Macs.  Here is the deal.  I am not only Worship, Arts guy.  I am resident IT Systems Admin dude.  I AM TIRED OF FIXING ALL YA’LLS PC’S!!!!  It is not going to happen anymore.  No more "Carlos!!!  I can’t print!!!"  No more "Carlos, the internet isn’t working".  Like I control the internet or something.  But as long as they think I have the power to control the internet I have some sort of leverage.  Things will just now work.  Like computers are supposed to.  So yes.  I pat myself on the back.  When my administrative pastor has a Mac Mini sitting on his desk, we have won.  And yes.  It’s there. How many of you have seen the light?