So a little under 2 years ago I found this phat website called  Being a large church with mostly early 20’s we did not have the dinero in the budget for a worship assistant.  To tell you the truth, we still don’t.  So Tom Metz to the rescue.  The website is money.  It does it all.  Go over and check it out if you have a chance. 
Anyways. All this to say that me and Tom from Worship Planning have hit off a cool friendship.  He asked if I would mind being the "face" of Worship Planning on a full page ad in Worship Leader Magazine.  Sure!


I hate my smile.  My head is large.  Not in a ego sense of the word.  It just is large.  I accidental shaved my beard crooked so I had to shave it off.  I am not a fan of my dome or grill on this day.  But the shoot must go on!!!  So here is the final screen of the ad.  My face feels naked and because the beard left my double chin popped out.  DANGIT!!!
But I told Tom to use whichever shot he sees fit.  It was fun.  At least they did not pick the one of me in a loin cloth purring against my guitar.Nuge