This week is March Madness.  Studies show that March Madness could cost American companies $889.6 million in lost
work, according to Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc., a
significant jump from the 2004’s $765.7 million tally. Work performance
will plummet as workers remained glued to their monitors, watching the
games online for the first time, the study said.

Let me tell you why.  Because there is no greater sporting event in the world than this single elimination tourney.  It’s any man’s game.  As well.  Every kid is trying to be the next Michael Jordan.  Who didn’t practice his every move growing up?  He is the single greatest player in history.  Little did I know how much he was defined by his style of play until I saw this commercial.  Even the most ignorant of fans know the man by his moves.  This commercial is brilliant.  It moves me every time I see it.  MASTERFULLY done.  Check it out…

Man. The game will never be the same.