You know life is too busy when it takes driving 4 hours away too hang with one of the guys in your wedding that lives only 10 minutes from you.  But none the less I got to chill with Img_5792
Moises and Lori Lynn.
We had lunch at Maggiano’s.  Family Style baby.  Gluttony prevailed.  Then our wives went to Nordstroms to get some MAC makeup painted to their grills.  They were looking HOT.  Img_5795
Yea.  When you have wives this hot in Vegas temptation doesn’t come from the strip.  But from within room 4320.  Yea baby. 
So I would like to proudly say I am 87 bones up on Vegas.  I’m halfway to paying off our meal at Img_5805
Delmonico Steakhouse.  But the steak literally melted like butter in my mouth.  Great day. 
Tonight is O