Most churches spend a lot of time trying to market themselves.  The main source of focus in the church today seems to fall into brochures.  Microsoft made a killing with Publisher and other apps giving ou a easy way to make horrible brochures.  We have many we could offer as bad examples.  Seth Godin has some VERY interesting research stats…

“Q: What do you think of my brochure

A: The thing you must remember about just about every corporate or organizational brochure is this:
People won’t read it.

I didn’t say it wasn’t important. I just said it wasn’t going to get read…”

Read the rest of the arcticle here.

It is so true huh?  People have a program with a template and next thing you know you are handing out 3 panel brochures full of useless information.  But you feel proud because you worked hard.  Maybe we should be judged on the attendance of the event as opposed to the look of the brochure.